Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Feeling The Flame Was Extinguished?

No matter how much your and your partner try to make amends there is always another fight around the corner. It doesn’t matter if the subject of the fight is small or large, it will always result in the same screaming match and both partners will be left feeling like there is nothing that can be done. If this is the case in your relationship then couples therapy may be exactly what you need to bring back the fun and loving atmosphere. When you reach out to a therapist you are letting your partner know that whatever obstacles come towards the relationship are better handled together than apart.

Rockiness In A Relationship Is Normal

There will always be times when you feel like your relationship is hitting a rough patch that cannot be saved. You find that you’re fighting more, stopped practicing active listening and the communication in your relationship has plummeted, leaving both partners feeling invalidated and unheard in every fight. While this may be a normal occasional occurrence in healthy
attachments or relationships, if you are experiencing this on a regular or daily basis then it may be time to seek help from a professional on how your relationship can move forward where both
partners feel authentic and reassured in their emotions. Couples therapy will provide the space and resources for those who feel eternally stuck in a loop of arguments, hurtful words, and
unreciprocated actions.

How Can Therapy Help Us?

When you think of couples therapy, it may be simpler for your mind to wander toward the question, “Why? I feel like I can handle my relationship internally without the help of  outsiders.” The short answer to this question is that having someone who is objective to both partners' feelings can drastically change how a conversation unfolds, giving both partners the chance to be truly open when speaking about their experiences. The long answer is that therapy is meant to provide an environment in which learning, growth, and communication are prioritized so that those in relationships can discover new ways of learning about their partner on a deeper level and find appropriate manners of dealing with conflict. Below are some ways in which therapy can guide your relationship in a healthier direction:

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Rekindle The Flame Through Therapy

Couples therapy should never be looked at as an intruder making judgments about your relationship, but rather as an impartial professional who can make sound decisions based on each partner's needs and provide the proper tools for the relationship to grow past the rough patch and into greener grasses. If you are ready to rekindle the flame in your relationship, please reach out to Introspection Counseling where we prioritize healing and growth over who won the argument.

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