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Emotions Are SignalsFrom The Brain

Dealing with depression is more than just feeling “sad” and staying in bed. For some, depression is meant to be avoided at all costs so they ignore their emotions by preoccupying themselves with external things so that they cannot think or feel as they need to. For others, being depressed looks like self-isolation, sleeping in for activities, and overwhelming feelings taking over their functionality. Whether you choose to ignore or dive into your depression, it still needs to be addressed seriously and suitably care for your emotional health.

Does Depression Affect Me?

Many who suffer from depression may not realize the symptoms they are experiencing due to being able to still create, produce or live their daily lives as they normally would. Unfortunately, depression can affect anyone and when it does they might require mental health guidance so they can properly navigate their feelings and understand where their depression is stemming from. Below are some of the common symptoms of depression that can go unnoticed:

How Can Therapy Help Us?

Reaching out for help when you feel depressed may not be a huge concern because you are constantly trying to prioritize survival over healing. There is nothing wrong with doing everything in your power to get through your depressive episode but to truly heal you will need to dig deep into where your depression may be stemming from and work through your experience to understand how to move forward. At the Introspection Counseling Center, we want to provide you with the space and resources you require to recognize when you are transitioning through a depressive episode, leading to healthier coping mechanisms and better communication skills regarding your mental and emotional health. Depression therapy sessions with our counselors will consider all aspects of your life; we get to know our clients on their most personal level so that they can witness how they have grown firsthand.

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Reaching Out Doesn’t Have To Be Alarming

Opening up to others about what makes us sad or angry can seem impossible, but it is the only  way that you can learn how to properly communicate your feelings and release them from your mind. Depression is something that can affect anyone, so being able to understand your
emotions, your reactions, and how they play into your daily life is pivotal in your healing journey. If you are ready to make a change in your emotional and mental health, please reach out to the Introspection Counseling Center so we can work together to make each day better and brighter.

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