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"Speak your mind even if your voice shakes"

Let’s heal the world with work-life harmony.

Introspection Counseling Center was founded by Dr. Dierdra Oretade-Branch, LCSW, BCD in September 2021 to meet the increasing demand for qualified mental health providers during the global pandemic. As a black and women-owned business, Introspection Counseling Center prides itself on providing a diverse, supportive, and inclusive environment for the individuals we serve.

Since its establishment Introspection Counseling Center has grown to be a premier multi-state, private mental health counseling center providing an array of online mental health services to adults in Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Our Mission
Our mission is to alleviate mental and emotional distress through introspection of one's unique life experiences.

What We Value

Compassion: We serve in a compassionate matter and provide a nonjudgmental environment for your unique needs.

Self-Determination: We honor and respect the unique goals of the individuals we serve and empower their self-determination over their life.

Professionalism: We provide a respectful, ethical, culturally informed, person-centered, and evidence-based care for the individuals we serve.

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