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Dr Oretade Branch (2)

Dr. Dierdra Oretade-Branch

Owner, Founder & Licensed Clinical Social Worker (She/Her)

I am a woman of faith, a pilot’s wife, a mother of 4 beautiful children (a former single mother), and an active-duty military officer in the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service. I am a product of generational caregivers, and I believe that being introspective is the key to overcome life challenges and emotional setbacks.  



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Our Work

It takes great courage to reach out to a perfect stranger and open up about the most vulnerable parts of yourself, which is why I do not take our work lightly. Over the past ten years, I have enjoyed working with so many diverse and exceptional individuals and have witnessed their self-discoveries and improved mental health.

Through a trusting, caring, respectful, and therapeutic relationship, you can better manage and overcome your unique life challenges. You can evolve from your past experiences and gain strength, wisdom, and perseverance to conquer whatever may come your way. 

My Approach

My therapeutic approach is influenced by my professional experience, education, and training, but most importantly, my life experiences. I’ve experienced many challenges in my life, and I’ve also experienced an abundance of joy.

Introspection teaches appreciation of painful and joyous life experiences. So, you can expect me to be relatable, down-to-earth, inspiring, and to tell it like it is. I want to empower you to enjoy life and gain a flexible emotional state when dealing with difficult life experiences and even joyous ones.  

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