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Mental Wounds Need Attention

Just as you would treat a physical wound immediately, mental wounds need to be treated with just as much precaution and priority. When you experience a traumatic event, your body and mind will readjust themselves causing even more havoc than originally anticipated. When this happens, having a trained professional who understands your need for space and empathy can help you to create the foundation of self-trust and love that you deserve.

Am I Dealing With Trauma?

There are multiple signs that you could be dealing with trauma and not even recognize it. For some, there are clear triggers that stem directly from their trauma such as avoiding highways due to a major car accident. For others, there may be deep-settled trauma in their mind that cannot be brought to active memory but still affects their lives in a very real way. An example of this could be someone suffering a partial drowning when they were very young which then led to a fear of swimming in deep waters. Although they were too young to remember the incident itself, an imprint of fear and survival tactics were still ingrained in their mind which led them to avoid the possibility of drowning altogether. While there is no one way to tell if you are suffering from trauma, there are little signs that your mind and body will provide to inform you that your nervous system has been deregulated and needs attention.

How Can Therapy Help?

Below are just some of how therapy sessions can help in your healing journey:

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Trauma symptoms can affect your daily life whether you like it or not. Don’t let your past define your confidence in the future. If you feel like the world is closing in on you and you have nowhere to turn, please consider reaching out to Introspection Counseling where we prioritize
your health and safety over fast results.

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